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  • “I was there [client's location] and saw the AMAZING job! It’s a lot to take on and your team kills it!”  8/16

    Sandy: The Pita Group

  • “You are fantastic!  Thank you again for all of your hard work and time on the Walpole project.  We REALLY appreciate everything.  Please make sure you pass along my gratitude to (the Prepress team) and all of your installers.  You have a fantastic team behind you and their level of customer service is truly remarkable!”  7/16

    Sara: Wine & Spirits Retail Marketing Inc.

  • “Wanted to say thank you for all your work on FROGS exhibit. It is looking great and thanks to you, we will be opening with all of the pieces that are needed for tonight’s event in place. Please pass along my thanks to the many people at Merritt who pitched in. Thank you so very much!

     You are an amazing team of people to work with and I really appreciate everything that you have done to help us make this successful.  You make all the difference.”  5/16

    Jacinta: Mystic Aquarium

  • "You have given me the best customer service I think I have ever received!  I called you from a baseball game in Indy at 7-8pm on 4/18/16 with a problem at the show with how I put the graphic on the frame.  I had a call back from each of you with such superb customer service in an extremely quick timeframe; I can't explain just how valuable that is!  Kudos to you and your team for taking such good care of this blondie!  I somehow got the outside graphic on the inside of the frame!  You talked me through how to rectify my mistake.  I can't thank you enough!" 4/16

    Lea: Progressive Tradeshow Concepts, LLC

  • "We got our truck back today with the new wrap.It looks awesome! Very bright and colorful! Be looking for it in your travels. Great job by Merritt Graphics. Thank-you." 3/16

    Melinda: ECHN

  • "Got the banner in record time. Looks awesome, better than I expected. Thank you." 3/16

    Mike: Dimeo

  • "Good afternoon all,
    Not a week goes by here at Aetna where someone doesn’t compliment the Patent Wall, and we have ya’ll to thank for that. Thanks again." 10/15

    Kyle N., Associate Project Manager: Aetna

  • "With the flurry of our opening the exhibit last night I have not had a chance to tell you how great the panels came out! I was very pleased with not only the application but the product – they were easy to maneuver and operate. Thanks for excellent work and delivering them before the deadline. You must stop by to see the exhibit in the JCC gallery!"

    Estelle, Executive Director: Jewish Historical Society of Greater Hartford

  • "I wanted to thank you both for today's poster. It looks beautiful and was turned around so promptly. I appreciate all the hard work you two put into this in the last week.

     Looking forward to more posters like this."

    Jason: Yale Printing & Publishing Services

  •  "We are absolutely thrilled with the wrap on our Ice Cream Emergency Bus (both outside and inside)!! On our way home, we stopped for a bite to eat. Tony picked [a local establishment that serves ice cream]!! We parked in a very visible spot. If you could have seen the look on the manager's face when we walked in. He asked if we were trying to put him out of business! What a hoot! Thank you again for an awesome job!"

    Debra: Ice Cream Emergency Bus

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