Architectural Printing Services


If you’re an architect, contractor, construction company, or anyone else who regularly deals with blueprints and other construction documents, you know how important quality printing is. Large format digital printing and scanning is crucial to your business, and you need to find the right team to get the job done right. Big national brands that are better known for shipping or office supplies will advertise their services, but keep in mind that there’s a reason you know them for something other than construction documents.

How Joseph Merritt & Company Can Help you

If you need architectural printing services, blueprint printing, bid document management, construction document printing, or other related services then you need Joseph Merritt & Company. End of story.

Whether you’re looking for line drawings at 18” x 24” or color-coded, high-definition prints at twice that size, Joseph Merritt & Company can do it and do it right.

Joseph Merritt & Company has over 100 years of experience and provides the latest printing technology, with the most knowledgeable staff and best service in the industry. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • CAD plotting and scanning
  • Reduction and enlargement
  • Raster and vector scanning
  • High-speed plotting
  • Specification book printing and binding
  • Project delivery and fulfillment
  • Digital data storage, archiving, and online digital plan rooms
  • And more!  

Who We’ve Helped Before

Clients Joseph Merritt & Company have helped in the past include Eastern Connecticut State University, Northeast Utilities, the City of Hartford, Turner Group Design, Dimeo, Guy Carpenter & Company LLC, Gray Organschi Architecture, and more.

To learn more about Joseph Merritt & Company’s architectural printing services, simply call 800-344-4477 or send an email to